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PCSX2 for Fedora

Cmake did not install everythings.
1/ doc -> do a manual copy
2/ cheats -> well I never use this one.
3/ Langs -> useless, locale must be writter to /usr/share/locale
4/ -> it is useless with a package build. You can just use the plain pcsx2.

For others point
1/ Library,
+ build = with devel
+ run = without devel, on debian runtime library are automatically selected if dev are selected at build time.
Anyway it would be easier to test on the chroot Smile
2/ Look those files (inside debian-unstable-upstream/)
+ pcsx2.desktop
+ pcsx2.xpm
3/ One step at once Tongue2

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gregory dont forget fedora is a bit diff from deb based OS's
im very impressed with the work on the rpm package
much more then i could accomplish with my knowledge
as im mainly just a user, tho i do know.. Gump if ya see my package, i got the desktop image for linkin
if ya need it
also for devel, does rpm require any 'building components' for a post-rpm file?
Any updates or plugins, pls send, or atleast notify me of info on plugin
The desktop and icon files are great - not debian specific - in fact the spec file I have now builds fine - tho' haven't tested it... - just having some teething problems with 'mock' - think I need to re-read the documentation as it's giving 'not found' errors for all the packages labelled "BuildRequires": I've set it up wrong somehow I think, but I'll work it out and the package will be finished soon! My knowledge isn't that great - which is part of the problem - me making an rpm is a bit like getting my dog to make pizza Wink

Think what will be needed post-rpm is some head-scratching over how to make an sdl free wxWidgets package that doesn't break anything else that's built against the official one... But I can't see any components being needed.
I might have an idea for SDL.Here a quote of myself from the bug tracker.
Quote:A solution to investigate in the future, LD_PRELOAD (environment variable). It allows to give libraries precedence. Slide here:

In short:
1/ build libSDL as a dynamic library (
2/ Then run pcsx2 with the preload (LD_PRELOAD="" pcsx2).
Note: It will replace all SDL1.2 symbols with SDL1.3 ones. The impact on wx in probably NULL because we do not use any sound features of wx which contain SDL1.2 code.

For the BuildRequires stuff, the best is to download the rpm script of another program and check the syntax. And maybe build it in a chroot, then you will understand the fedora mechanism.

Would you like some additional help on building the rpm package for Fedora?

If so, let me know and I will help out if I can.

Hi Seve,

just so we're not posting on two threads, thanks for the suggestions you've made about the mock building process in fedora forums
- your input is very welcome. I'll try the things you've suggested and post the results back into the fedora forum Smile
Okay that's fine and if you like you can carry on with your questions here as it is definitely more psxc2 centric.

and it is faster/easier for me to follow Smile Good luck
Oh okay. sorry - already posted a couple of times on fedora forums (including just a moment ago) - we'll carry on discussing here if that's okay Seve Wink
That's fine with me.

Where do you want to start?


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