PCSX2 for Linux x64
I'm using Ubuntu Linux (64 bit version) and I'm considering if there is a proper version of PCSX2 emulator for my system. Where can I download it (please give me a link)? How should I configure it (use Official Guide placed on this forum?)?

Please, respond me. I will be very grateful.
Sorry for my English, it isn't my mother language Wink

PS: I got the 0.9.4 version of PCSX2 for 64 bit Linux from getdeb.net site and installed it properly.
But still I've got some problems... When I'm configuring graphic driver and then clicked 'OK', whole program turned off. Is there any configuration guide for the Linux version of PCSX2?

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Hi there, I was having the same crashing issue (a segfault) which continued after compiling from SVN as well. A workaround is to skip the configuration of the video plugin there and simply do it from the menu (Config > Graphics) after that initial startup configuration.

If anyone else is curious, yes, launching the plugin selection menu and attempting to configure the graphics plugin from it does still result in a segfault. But I assume this is how it's going for everyone on Linux right now?

Hope this was helpful to you, Przemulala. Happy

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