PCSX2 for android?
So there are emulators out there, pretty much all of them are awful and Damon clearly stolen PCSX2 code, not only that but it's one of the most dodgiest apps I've ever come across, charging you £10 and requesting weird access permissions.
So anyway, I'd like to know why there isn't a PCSX2 emulator for android? PCSX2 has a huge community and it could be the first official working android emulator that also isn't dodgy, which would also throw Damon out the window, the performances on these android devices are getting very impressive now and there is a massive space in the android market for PS2 emulation (as it hasn't been done properly)
I'd happily donate to a project like this and I'd love to see the team behind PCSX2 developing this. 
Many thanks

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no time, no resource, no interest in doing it...
many reasons why it hasn't been done
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