PCSX2 frame pacing is terrible.
I'm playing Tony Hawks 4 on emulator and it holds olid 60FPS (Perfect right?)

I have the real console and over SMB it is vastly smoother on real PS2 hardware, yet the game is the exact same frame rate...
60FPS in PCSX2 looks like 30FPS not 60.

Any fixes?

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Can you post your hardware specs?
i7 930 4.4ghz 10GB DDR3, GTX 1070.

No speed hacks, OpenGL.

468x576 (pal resolution )
Internally the game can still run slow even if your Fps appears to be 60. Best thing you can do is adjust the EE cycle rate and see if it feels better to play; but it may also decrease performance.
Ummm no....

It's a frame pacing problem, nothing to ddo with raw FPS, i have recorded it and it's uploading right now, you will see how it's smooth then looks like 30FPS and back and forth.

I will then upload a 30FPS camera recording of the PS2 and even at 30FPS the PS2 is VASTLY smoother.

The majority of games are actually running at 30fps even tho PCSX shows 60fps its NOT the real FPS the game is running at tho. Others can explain it a lot better then I can. You also have to remember this is a EMULATOR NOT the actual console. For example Dolphin has had those issues in the past read this for an example read the section titled 5.0-2431 - DVD Timing Accuracy Upgrades by mmastrac and JosJuice of last months progress report here https://dolphin-emu.org/blog/2017/03/01/...uary-2017/ aka its the last section before the credits

So it would NOT surprise me int he least if PCSX2 suffers from similar issues and thus timings seem a tad off.
You are talking to a Counter strike veteran, my eyes know the difference between 30FPS and 60, i grew up on PS2 through my teens, me starting out with a Sega Mega Drive II.. PS1, N64, DC, PS2.. then onto PC...

I know what 60FPS looks like, this is not a frame rate issue, it's a problem where frames are not evenly paced and it causes the resulting image to look choppy, it is running at 60FPs, it's just not displayed correctly.
and the timings might be off because of inaccurate emulation of certain features.

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