PCSX2 game stuck
I am quite new to the ps2 emulationing, so i might not be the most interesting one.
But i am having this annoying bug, that makes some games unplayable. I have two examples of this thing. The first one is Sly 2 and the second one is Need for speed Carbon. The bug comes out without showing any signs of a crash, and it just happens sudden. When a cutscene is played in game (found only one on each) the video stops and sound starts looping on a tiny scale, and when it happens, i can not do anything. At first i thought it was a corrupt game, but when it happened twice (might not be reliable with only 2 games) the same exact way, i wasnt sure. I can close the bugged game window and relaunch the game, but when the moment comes, it will happen. I dont know if it happens after getting past this one bugged part as it is impossible to bypass this. I did try find solutions from here and from just internet and i couldnt quite find a one having the same problem, nor anything so similar. Yes i gone through my settings and (i think) turned off hacks, checked my graphics card options and sound settings, but still it happens. I do not know what to do. The program version is 1.2.1. And i want to say i appreciate the work here. The whole FREE pcsx2 project. I might be a little late for that but i wanted to say it. Any advice or redirect would be appreciated. Thanks.
Oh and my pc is the high end. Ask for more if necessary.

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please provide the full emulog after you observed the hang.

Do you use non.default settings?
make sure to set the preset to safest and try playing the game. If that doesn't solve your problem then,

try the development builds: http://buildbot.orphis.net/pcsx2/
We're supposed to be working as a team, if we aren't helping and suggesting things to each other, we aren't working as a team.
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Thank you i will try that.
Right right. I tried the safest, which didnt change anything, and i am too afraid to try out the new builds because of my savegames.
I uploaded the screenshots of the console before and after the thing.
also, provide the content of your emulog on the instance when the crash occurred after booting the game.

// you can find it in the logs folder.
We're supposed to be working as a team, if we aren't helping and suggesting things to each other, we aren't working as a team.
- Refraction
The emulog you are showing doesn't look complete. Are you sure that this is after the hang?
Yes it is after it, didnt close the game though

Does my link show up correctly?

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Can you please screenshot all tabpages in emulation settings?
And just to make things clear it is not a crash at all
It does that and thats it

Ya sure i will. Sec...

I attached it. Please dont make me look stupid.

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can you please give a try with your original physical PS2 DVD ?
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