PCSX2 has lost its path...
PCSX2 has been running fine for quite some time, but all of a sudden it has forgotten its path at startup so that I need to re-specify plugin and path directories every time I launch the game.

Note: I have PCSX2 in:
~/user/Applications/Fun Stuff/Emulators/PS2/PCSX2/

As I said, it was working fine, but now it seems to trip up on the space in the "Fun Stuff" folder name:
Could not open '/Applications/Fun' directory

After respecifying the paths, everything works fine again until the next time I launch PCSX2.

I've tried escaping the space in the inis/pcsx2.cfg file, but that didn't work. Is there another place that this path is stored?


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This is the first time I've encountered this problem, but the default path I believe is in the root applications folder, so maybe try dragging and launching PCSX2 from the applications folder and making sure that works fine and then try to set it up from your custom folder.

Also, I think bad things can happen when you have a space in your folder names (Fun Stuff) when specifying a path (you can see it when the code says "could not open 'applications/fun'" as it stops when there is a space). Try changing it to FunStuff or something without a space in it and try it then.

Not sure why it was working before but is not now, but this should help fix the problem.
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Yes, i think paths with spaces aren't really well handled

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