PCSX2 in Linux = faster?

I'm just curious...
Will PCSX2 run faster in Linux than in Windows 7?

I have this feeling that it should run slightly faster in Linux because Windows runs unnecessary programs/services in the background, plus the fancy Aero graphics. But does anybody else have any info on this?

I wanna see some other opinions before I commit to installing Linux in my PC just for the purpose of running an emulator.

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PCSX2 depends more on CPU power than anything else. As long as you've got 512MB free RAM, background services and the Aero theme shouldn't make a difference, as long as they're not using up CPU cycles. I could be wrong though.
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Taking in count GSdx plugin is only for windows for now and GSdx being a much better plugin than ZeroGS i'd say Win7 is better faster however I cannot say but i think you'd be much more limited. You can use apps to turn off unused services and aero when running PCSX2 in win7, however background services dont really matter much unless you have a very weak PC maybe gain a couple FPS.

For aero you could open PCSX2 properties window and in the compatibility tab enable "disable desktop composition" so it'd turn off each time you run PCSX2 however aero in win7 isnt much of a problem.
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There is no difference in speed -- graphic's plugin's speed is not an issue, and recompiled code are OS independent. And the most slowest part is this code.
I have found little differences in speed, the games that work better in zerogs OGL (kh1&2 for example. the reason is windows has really crappy OGL support) seem to also get speed boosts, but these are few and far between. gsdx (directX windows) is still imo the best way to go

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