PCSX2 is amazing
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I'd just like to say that I was preety darn amazed by the progress of the PCSX2. I gave up on PCSX2 somewhere in 0.8.xx mostly 'couse my CPU was pure crap (Athlon 64 3000+). Since then I've upgraded my PC, and decided to give PCSX2 another go.

I must say I was suprised. The first game I tested was God of War. And after a bit of tweaking it ran flawlessly. I was all like OMG OMG, and screaming like a girl, drooling down my goaty Laugh.

Most other games (Tekken 5, GoW2) that I've tested ran flawlessly with a bit of tweaking. I was a bit dissapointed with those funky graphic bugs in Gran Turismo 4, but hey nothing is perfect Smile

I've also tested the God of War on my friends laptop. (2.2 ghz intel core2duo, g510m) after a bit of tweaking we got it to full speed most of the time. A bit glitching but nothing unbearable. I was expecting it to be preety sluggish, but I was suprised.
Really splendid job devs, just amazing, the last time I had tried the pcsx2 I gave up all hope on playing PS2 games on my PC.

Also I'd like to translate the official guide to Croatian and Serbian. I can do Bosnian too, but there's really no point in doing so, since well, Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian languages are mostly the same with some minor differences.

Keep it comming Laugh
Cheers Smile

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