PCSX2 is now incompatible with RocketLauncher
Hi all... I'm posting this here, though I'm not sure whether it's more appropriate to report it as a bug.

I'm using PCSX2 1.5.0-20160903121852.  I think this was a nightly build from early September, 2016.  (I know that probably sounds noobish, since I'm assuming the first eight digits of the GIT number are the date, but I don't actually know that).

I recently downloaded the newest GIT.  Apparently, at some point between early September and today, one of the devs took the information out of the title bar on the fullscreen mode of PCSX2.  Also apparently, this will cause PCSX2 not to launch through RocketLauncher, because RL uses that information to determine when PCSX2 has finished loading.

Below is a link to the conversation I had with an RL developer.  I'm way out of my depth when it comes to the inner workings of PCSX2 and RL, so maybe if a PCSX2 developer wanted to address the problem and my description above didn't explain it accurately, they can look at the conversation.



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That script is so complicated

1.Go you your inis folder\pcsx2_ui.ini
2.Look for TitleTemplate= and change the Speed: to fps:

You can rearrange the info however you want(or/and remove some of it)but "fps: ${speed}" must be there(RL is scanning all 3 windows and determines which one of them is the game window by looking for "fps" in the window title and it check if there is some digit after it)

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