PCSX2 is recognizing one controller's outputs in both pad 0 and 1
Ok, so I've got another problem. I'm trying to play a two-player game with my friends, but when I connect two controllers (successfully) PCSX2 only recognizes the controller assigned to pad 0. The weird thing is it recognizes those inputs as coming from both pad 0 and pad 1. When I go to configure the Pads, the vibrate option affects the two controllers separately, but the name under that option is only the first controller. Essentially under the gamepad configuration tab, the little drop box at the top shows both controllers, but only one stays selected (the first controller pared with my computer). Despite that (as it's the same on either pad 0 or pad 1) the vibration option impacts the different controllers. So when I click it on for pad 0, the first controller vibrates, and when I click it on for pad 1, the second controller vibrates. Whenever I try to open a game, however, the first controller acts like it's giving the inputs for both controllers at once. Even stranger is that the two controllers used to work until I tried to add a third one (using multitap) which didn't work. I tried a couple of options, then settled on just clearing all of my PCSX2 settings in hope that that would fix everything. It didn't and in fact, started all of the problems stated earlier. It's not the end of the world if I just cant connect two controllers anymore, but it'd be nice to play some classic games with friends on the go.
Thank you in advance!
(P.S. I'm using two Xbox one controllers through Bluetooth)

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Yeah, using two of the same model of controller is a bit broken right now.
(05-09-2022, 07:31 PM)TellowKrinkle Wrote: Yeah, using two of the same model of controller is a bit broken right now.

It's ok your other fix worked for this too!!
Hello, what was the fix for this?
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