PCSX2 is slower on a computer that has better performance than another computer.
I have a laptop and a computer tower and the computer tower runs slower than my laptop on the pcsx2. My laptop runs games full speed. But my tower only plays the start of the game at full speed and lots of the rest of the game at only 30FPS. I have even tried the zerogs plugin. It kind of makes me wonder as I benchmarked both of them with pcmark and 3dmark and the tower always had a higher number than my laptop. The specs for my computer tower are as follows
Windows XP SP3 32-bit
Pentium 4 3.2GHz with hyperthreading 1MB L2 cache
Nvidia Geforce 8400GS 512MBs BFG card with latest drivers
And for my laptop here is the complete information:
I realize that there may be a little bit of a difference between the performance as the laptop is newer. But why would benchmarking software say one computer performs better than the other one if it doesn't?
As a note I have only got to try 2 games as they are the only ones I have at the moment they are maximo and maximo army of zin. They both run on my laptop perfectly. So I was wondering is there something wrong with the tower running games so slow even though it should have the capability of running them at full speed.

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When running on the computer, is either EE or GS at the top of your program reaching 100% or close to that?
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your desktop PC is a single core, your Laptop is a dual core.
Pcsx2 uses 2 cores. Simple, isn't it ?
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(07-08-2011, 05:17 PM)jesalvein Wrote: Simple, isn't it ?

Not quite as simple as that.

The Pentium 4 runs on the netburst architecture which sacrifices instructions per cycle for the ability to run cycles faster.

The Turion II is based on K10 (K10.5 marchitecture) which is a Phenom II Derivative. Starting from the K7, amd started competing by maximising the efficiency of its instruction cycles while maintaining a far seemingly inferior clockrate, which is why AMD was selling its AthlonXP 3200+(2.2Ghz) as a competitor to the P4 3.4Ghz. (A K7 based 3400+ was scrapped, but it would've competed with the P4 3.6).

Anyway, further developing on and adding new instruction sets to its successor the Athlon 64, included a more optimised pipe, branch loop and new instruction sets which led to AMD decimating the Netburst P4 and Pentium D processors for the following 2 years.

Moving from all the jargon, basically your Tower is inferior to the laptop.
I am going to pretend I didn't hear what jezalvein said. Anyways the ee goes all the way up to 100% during gameplay but the GS does not it only goes up to 50% or even a little bit past it. I do realize that my laptop has 2 physical cores and the tower only has hyperthreading with 2 logical threads. But I am quite certain that a computer towers processor can usually be more powerful than a laptops processor. The benchmarking proved it to me. I will try to benchmark them again with whatever benchmarking software suggested then I will post the results here. Also I do realize that the EE is the emotion engine and it being 100% during game play would mean my processor is limited but it just doesn't make any since to me at all for this tower getting a better benchmark than my laptop.
the only thing you have superior in the tower is the GFX card, and unless your pushing GSDX to the max scaling you won't be GPU limited.

Your belief is like that of someone who would buy a Pentium D over a Core 2 because the D has higher clock rates.....
Ok squall now that makes more since I can understand that. Now basically from that there is no way for me to get my tower running the game better without just trashing the tower and getting a different one. As this tower can only use pentium 4 processors and I am not sure if I can get a better processor for it to run any better. And I am going to assume that the benchmarking signifies that the graphics card is just better than my laptop.
which benchmark are you referring to?

I haven't seen any benches of the Turion II as yet, but the K8 Turion X2 at similar clocks dominates over the P4 according to Sandra.

An upgrade for the P4 would depend whether its socket 478 or LGA 775, you can use CPUID's CPU-Z to find that out, but you would still hit performance ceilings with certain games if you're shy of overclocking.
(07-08-2011, 06:46 PM)willmon22 Wrote: But I am quite certain that a computer towers processor can usually be more powerful than a laptops processor.

An ancient Pentium 4 is more powerful than a Turion 2? The funniest thing of the day maybe.

Although desktop CPU is superior to a laptop one, you should consider their launch date. The Pentium 4 3.2 with 1 MB cache was launched in 2004, and the Turion 2 M500 was launch in late 2009, 5 years later. You can imagine the differeces between a dual-core desktop Core 2 Duo launched in 2006 and a quad-core mobile Sandy Bridge launch in 2011. If the Turion 2 M500 had 1 core running at 2.2 Ghz, the Pentium 4 3.2 Ghz may be a bit faster, but it is not the case.
Well I was going by benchmarks I ran with pcmarks and 3dmarks. I guess I didn't bother to think that it measures both the processor and graphics card. So basically the graphics card is superior to the radeon card I have in my laptop. And the socket is 775 LGA as the cpu-z says. Crazy thing is the processor won't stay running at a constant 3.2GHz it drops down as low as 2.7GHz I even removed the old thermal grease from who knows when and applied new silicone paste and it seemed to make no difference. I guess I will need some artic silver on it as it seems that that is what was on it before. And it didn't rev its fan up at all before I applied the new paste either. I will look into some different type processors to get as I was thinking about my moms older tower. I replaced her older tower with a HP DC7100 She use to have an old hp pavilion series computer from 2000 that originally had xp on it. It only had a pentium 4 1.3 GHz processor with just 256MBs of ram and it originally had 128MBs ram. Also I forgot to mention this tower has 2GBs DDR memory it is kingston hyper memory or something that is gaming memory. I have 2 more sticks as well to add up to 4GBs total if it will make any difference. Thanks for the help.

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