PCSX2 latest beta problem
I'm currently playing Final Fantasy X NTSC-USA in the latest beta and after 15 mins or so it causes my PC to turn off. I haven't tested other PCSX2 games besides the FFX and I'm sure it's PCSX2 that's causing it coz I've replaced the thermal paste with a diamond compound in case it's the CPU, tested the PSU to other PC, played other games (not PCSX2 ), and I even did a stability test using Prime95 and it passed.

Mobo Asrock 880gm-le
CPU Athlon II x2 245 @ 2.9ghz
GPU Radeon 4250 onboard
RAM 1.5gb ddr3 1333

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Doesn't matter if your PC passed all stability tests, PCSX2 stresses your PC differently from Prime95 or other PC games. Your overclock is still unstable and PCSX2 simply exposes that, which is obviously not the fault of the program.
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I didn't overclock it XD , athlon 245's stock is 2.9ghz XD
Well then it's time to check your temperatures. Since the PC turns itself off it reaches critical temps and does so to prevent damage, so we should be talking about above 70C which means there are SERIOUS problems with your cooling.
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NO, everything barely touches 50C
System 43C
CPU 47-49C
HD 33C
Core 42-43C

I use speedfan
Are you sure these readings are accurate? Did you try using coretemp? What's the temperature of the graphics card?
If the temperature is not the problem, it could be either a hardware fault (for example a faulty or insufficient power supply unit) or (less likely if you don't get a blue screen or anything just shutdown) a software-driver fault
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YES!!! I don't get a blue screen, at last someone who can help me T_T
What could be my problem ?

BTW its deadly accurate, I even use HWmonitor from CPU-ID with the same results

BTW im using Windows XP SP2 64bit with latest updates. I've been playing fine for a few days then it just got ugly.

hello? can someone please help me T_T
Maybe you have an Xbox fanboy virus xD Tongue
Is fan from PSU spining? I mean is PSU overheating?
Your computer can't take the load PCSX2 causes. Which isn't even too much.
I'd also assume the PSU is too weak or your hardware is faulty.
Debugging this is a lengthy process. You should turn to google,
maybe find some guides on computer stability issues.

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