PCSX2 losing sync on my primary monitor
I have 2 monitors, my primary is a LCD TV and my secondary is a standard CRT. I never use both screens (cloned or expanded). I always disable one to use the other.

When i use the emulator on the CRT, at 60hz, ir runs smooth and perfectly synced. But on my LCD, it loses sync every 10 or so seconds, stutters for about 4 seconds and then goes smooth again. This goes on indefinently and it's the same pattern, 10 seconds smooth, 4 seconds stutter.

The fps counter is always 60 fps even during the stuttering moments so it has to be something wrong with vsync. I normally have VSYNC enabled through the Nvidia panel and OFF in the applications. So i turned VSYNC ON in the PCSX window options too and it was fixed for a few minutes but after some play, the problem started again. Basically, when i turn VSYNC off and on again, it stays stable for a few minutes but the problem comes back.

How can i fix this annoying problem? I can only use the emulator on my old CRT atm where the problem doesn't exist.

My Emulation settings are on the "safe" preset. I'm using a March build atm.
i5 4670
GTX 960 2GB
Windows 7 64 bit

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