PCSX2 memory usage/GSdx Mipmapping
Can anyone please advise is PCSX2 1.6 supposed to use alot of memory ie 800,000+ kbps worth?

Also I notice in the program log GSdx:  Mipmapping is now Full, Off, Full, Off, repeating every second - I believe that is part of the problem memory hogging causing my computer to heat up.  Anyone can let me know how to perhaps disable or keep this GSdx Mipmapping in one position?

On PCSX2 1.2.1 it only goes up to around 180,000+ kbps worth of memory and it says GSdx:  (Software) mipmapping is now enabled, disabled, enabled, disabled, repeating every second but this only sometimes happens particularly when there’s animation like dialogue or combat.

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I think on 1.2.1 there was no hardware mipmapping. Or atleast not as robust as now.
Is there a setting to permanently disable GSdx Mipmapping or keep it locked in one position (ie enabled, Full, Off)?

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