PCSX2 netplay
Are there any plans to include netplay in future builds of this emulator? Maybe kaillera or some kind of p2p plugin?

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It already exists. Dev9ghz does online play, but not like your example no
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If you mean online multiplayer as it exists on the PS2, there is a, buggy, way to do it via the Dev9ghz plugin.

If you mean online multiplayer as in a standard split screen two player game... it won't likely happen. PCSX2 has a hard enough time running full speed/accuracy on a single machine, now imagine having to do that on two seperate PCs, each having to run exactly identical or else they would completely desync.

Even the slightest bit of lag on either machine at any time could force a hard resync (sending the entire contents of the PS2's ram to all machines). 32MB is still a fairly substantial amount of data over a home internet line, and if this occurred even once every couple minutes it would lead to a very unplayable experience.
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