PCSX2 newbie here. NHL 2k issues
Hi, I'm a PCSX2 newbie and I couldn't believe I could play the NHL 2k titles on my PC. That's amazing. 

I got everything running, created a memory card, installed BIOS, put the ISOs in and everything. I even put the .pnach file for NHL28 and NHL2k10 to my \cheats folders and enabled cheats.

The emulation starts just fine. But then I get this screen and can't advance, no matter what button I hit. Do I need some kind of pad to play these games or is it just that I haven't assigned the proper key?

Cheers... and thanks for this amazing program!

[Image: 9lqatW3.jpg]

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What PCSX2 version are you using?
My version is 1.4.0
OK, first download the latest dev build here and extract it somewhere: https://buildbot.orphis.net/pcsx2/index.php

After you reconfigure your settings, check the Lilypad settings in the Controller Configuration tab. There you can assign your keyboard to whatever controls you want Smile
Thanks. So far so good. But Lilypad is not accessible from this menu.

[Image: OmdTk43.jpg]
It looks like you're still using older plugins. Change your plugins in the Emulation Settings tab to the next versions that don't include r5403 - those are the new plugins you want. After you do that, Lilypad can be accessed by clicking Plugin Settings.
Hmm... changed to Lilypad 0.12.1 but no change.

Are these settings looking ok?

[Image: arZsdQv.jpg]
Yes, just make sure you change the GS, SPU2 and CDVD plugins to their newer versions. Report back if there's any problems.
Haha thanks... got it running. Unbelievable! Laugh

[Image: Z23RxCs.jpg]

FPS seems to be normal but then it occasionally slows down quite a lot.

Any tips?

My computer specs are:

FUJITSU Esprimo P900 E90+ Core i7 (2nd gen) Quad Core
Intel Core i7-2600 Quad Core 3,40GHz/Turbo 3,80GHz L2 8Mb
8192Mb DDR3
2000Gb SATA
12xUSB 2.0(4xFront, 8xRear), LAN, HDMI, DVI
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4Gb GDDR5
Windows 10
Do you know how to access your GSdx settings? If so, post those here.

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