PCSX2 newbie here. NHL 2k issues
Thanks. This is absolutely INSANE to play these old 2K hockey titles on PC. You know how I spent the whole last night playing these and they're just as good as ever. Graphics don't mean squat, it's the gameplay that matters.

My results:

NHL2K5: Full speed, 60 FPS
NHL2K7: Between 40-50 FPS
NHL2K8 and 2K10: About 30-40 FPS, unplayable

I'm kinda puzzled about the plugins. I wonder why I don't have the latest versions if I installed the newest PCSX2. Hmm...

I got best FPS with these settings. Some others give me about the same. Perhaps these 2K hockey titles are especially demanding games for emulator? Native resolution increases the FPS a little but it's kinda ugly haha.

[Image: 4wfpPJF.jpg]

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I would check your plugins again and select the ones that contain "2017xxxxx in it - just like you did for Lilypad. If you don't see them there, make sure you extracted everything from the archive. Using the newest GSdx plugin will help improve your performance.

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