PCSX2 not finding iso files? Can't find iso for games...
I recently was trying out the PCSXS for the first time as my older operating unit was not as reliable or able to run it.

Anyway, I am trying to load an iso for Haunting Ground and I've put it in the folder that the comes downloaded default with, on my desktop, etc... The emulator simply does not recognize it as an iso. I don't know much about "mounting" things to your hard drive -- I also do not have a disc drive, so I'm unsure if this matters.

My main issue seems to be locating the iso files once I am in the program. I've searched all over the net, youtube, etc. but it seems like I did something wrong on my end to me almost...so I wanted to ask here.

Thank you very much in advance. I will check back if anyone has any questions for me.

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What did you use to make your iso ?
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