PCSX2 not recognizing my ISOs
Hi all - I just got into playstation2 emulation, with my old PS2 slowly working itself to death and my serious lack of motivation to buy yet another one. I got version 0.9.6 downloaded, installed, and configured, and I'm kind of at a wall. I have all my games as .iso files, mounted in virtual drives. None of the CDVD plugins recognize anything in the virtual drive at all, they just assume there's no disk in and sit at a black screen. The Linuz ISO plugin has so far managed to recognize just one so far, Shadow of the Colossus. Is there another plugin that works well with .iso files? Is this even a drive emulator problem? Can I virtually mount them with something besides PowerISO and make it work the regular way? Thanks in advance

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If you're using .iso files, don't mount them. Just use Linuz ISO plugin and browse directly to the .iso file.

Also, you can try using the latest public beta, which allows you to File > Run ISO Image...
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Instead of mounting, just set your CD/DVD plugin to the Linuz one, and when you want to play one just click file->run CD/DVD just like if there was a disc in the drive. Since you'll be using the Linuz ISO plugin, instead of loading a disc, it will prompt for a file. Load your ISO and you're done.
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