PCSX2 not running like it did...
Hello, I have been using pcsx2 for a while now. I use to play on this very laptop until the hard drive died, and I replaced it with my old laptop's one. Anyway, to use an example, I use to play Budokai Tenkaichi 3 a lot, and other than a few fps drops here and there, it ran fine. Well after replacing the hard drive, it seems this laptop doesnt want to run the games right anymore. Now I know laptops arent the best to play on, and I know this laptop isnt very good, but like I said, I use to play on it before, I dont know why it runs worse now. 

Specs: AMD A4-3300m APU with Radeon HD (1.90 GHz) (x2)
4 gigs ram 
AMD Radeon HD 6480G (Total Available Graphics Memory: 2037mb, Dedicated: 512mb)

EDIT: forgot to mention its dual core...

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Two things to make sure of, check your windows power profile is set to high performance, also make sure you have proper AMD drivers installed for your GPU and that PCSX2 is using it (you can grab the latest GIT build from the main page of the website which tries to force the use of it)
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Alright, at the risk of sounding like an uber noob, what is a "GIT" build? Im almost positive my drivers are up-to-date, but a good double check never hurts.
the newest build from here. http://buildbot.orphis.net/pcsx2
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Ah I see, thanks. I think my GPU driver did need updated, also. I'll let you guys know how it goes. Also, how bad are my specs for this? I forgot to mention that my plan is set on High Performance Laugh
Your CPU is pretty weak I'm afraid, so I wouldn't expect miracle speeds Tongue
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yeah, its an old laptop, and im too broke to get a new computer Tongue but it plays most pc games I wanna play so I suppose im good. I could always try to actually fix my old PS2 if I could even find it. Though honestly I figured my graphics was worse than my cpu. that usually the case with my laptops lol.
With VU speed hack all the way up on 3, it runs playable, but a little sluggish. With my hardware's limitations, its probably the best I can ask for. Thank you guys.

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