PCSX2 not showing up save towers & no system config file
To give a little backstory (since the towers were showing before): 
Yesterday I deleted an old version of PCSX2 (stable 1.6) and accepted everything in the last uninstall window (deleted mcards and etc) somehow even after backing up the mcards to my desktop it still deleted them... but whatever.

I created new memory cards once again and I've been playing once more from the start since yesterday, but I noticed that not a single save tower has appeared on the BIOS startup. I even imported a 100% save file of DBZ Budokai 3 just to make sure it wasn't the lack of hours on my part (maximum 5 hours on DMC 3) but it still wasn't showing up anything.

There's no system config file on neither of my memory cards too and I can't seem to force the BIOS to make one either, doesn't matter if I change the hour, timezone or any other setting. I find it strange because there was a system config file on my old memory card before the accident yesterday, and the save towers were also showing up.

Is there anything I can do to force the BIOS to create a system config file and make the save towers appear?

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Forgot to mention my PCSX2 build is PCSX2 Nightly v.1.7.3716

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