PCSX2 official beta and beta plugins
The latest PCSX2 beta installer (RECOMMENDED) can be found here: PCSX2 0.9.7 beta r3878 full installer
The latest PCSX2 beta web installer can be found here: PCSX2 0.9.7 beta r3878 web installer
The latest PCSX2 beta can be found here: PCSX2 0.9.7 beta r3878 binary
The latest compiled PCSX2 beta for Linux can be found here: PCSX2 Linux 0.9.7 beta r3881

This is the PCSX2 official beta and beta plugins thread.

In this thread, betas of the emulator and of the plugins will be posted.

These files are betas, so there are no guarantees of them running games. We DO support official beta builds.
You can use them to see the latest progress and the new bugs .. errr... features introduced Smile You are all encouraged to try the latest beta available from this thread before posting a bug report. If it works in the latest beta, it's most likely fixed, and so no need to post a bug report.

Regarding the frequency of these betas, they will be put out when there's some reasonable amount of changes.
Most commits are not actually worth it, they add up in the long run but give no immediate benefits.

Installation instructions for the PCSX2 beta:
- Get the new installer, everything is included there
- install, then update directx as usual
- Play

Notes for the pcsx2 Linux beta:
Dependencies include gtk2, opengl, libbz2, libjpeg, glew-dev, libxxf86vm-dev, x11proto-xf86vidmodeautomake and autoconf (version >= 1.9) Nvidia Cg-Toolkit, libasound-dev, & joystick

I'm compiling with Glew 1.5.1, and I've seen issues before if you use a different Glew version then the one I compiled against. I also downgraded my copy of libjpeg to version 6 before compiling, because most distributions are not using 7.

I've included a binary of ZZogl at r166, as well as OnePad, GSnull, and PadNull. The latter three are all considered alpha quality.

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OK, let's start this all over again. Time for a new pcsx2 svn snapshot.

Pcsx2 snapshot 478
- fixed a memory corruption bug that has been there for quite a while now, should drastically reduce random crashes
- fixed the COP0 condition for the Recompiler and Interpreter
- fixed COP0's recompiled branch instructions
- fixed a DMA bug (Fatal Frame should now work for good)
- fixed a bug in the Elfloader
- usual code cleanups and optimizations
- changed the Magna Carta gamefix to something more plausible
- some VU optimizations should reduce the number of games that do not work well with Denormals are Zero selected
- removed VSync INTC timing hack
- added NTFS compression to the memcards folder. Note this does NOT slow down the emulation
- renamed pcsx2pg.ini to pcsx2.ini
- made "framelimit" mode default, instead of "normal" mode
- made pcsx2 to default to MTGS mode "on" instead of "off"
- renamed everything to reflect the project merge, fixed up the logo and icon, renamed the files etc

As usual, enjoy Tongue

Plugins snapshots coming soon, stay tuned Smile
Time for another new pcsx2 svn snapshot, and some plugins svn snapshots as well.
We decided to put up snapshots just of those plugins which do not have their own thread on the forum, which are zerospu, zerogs, cdvd linuzappz. They show no big improvements, but there are a few minor fixes.

Pcsx2 snapshot 528
Main thing is, DaZ is now on by default, since we think it doesn't break anything now. Also, we have decent game speedups on SOME vu intensive games. As always, report any new bug you find.

- disabled FtZ on EE and enabled DaZ on VUs as default choices
- small hackfixes for katamary damacy and FFX
- small Vif fixes
- Pcsx2 now correctly sends CRC info to the GS plugin when using Run->Execute to boot games through the BIOS.
- usual game dependent speedups
- usual codes cleanups
- disabled all the broken memcard dialogue options
- updated the Copyright Tongue
Time for another pcsx2 svn snaphot.

Pcsx2 snapshot 592

- New speed hack, which greatly increases performance in some games
- replaced the memcard manager, and improved memcard hotswap support
- Removed a huge hack in the superVU delay slot handling
- improved savestates support
- counters fix
- Revert a cdvd timing change from playground. Fixes some games that depend on longer seek times.
- fpu interpreter bugfix
- fix for art of fighting
- various opcode fixes
- various code optimizations
- various code cleanups
- various gui enhancements/ cleanups

Ok, quick bugfix pcsx2 svn snaphot.

Pcsx2 snapshot 612
An important vifdma regression bug was fixed, so.... Als, some other nice improvements and a new feature.

- Modified the GIF and SPR. This is an important bugfix, fixes games that were broken since revision 462
- Fixed bugs in LDL/LDR instructions; fixing various TLB Miss errors in assorted games (namely ones that worked in the old VM builds).
- New Feature: Press TAB to toggle the framelimiter on/off (as a substitute for hitting F4 several times). Usable as a "turbo" feature, similar to other emus.
- Some minor cleanups / correctness fixes to the IPU's register Read/Write functions.
- Applied SUPERVU_VIBRANCHDELAY fix to IBGEZ/IBGTZ/IBLEZ/IBLTZ opcodes. ICO SPS will be gone without gamefix now Smile
Removed the files for now! Get 0.9.6 instead Tongue
One week after the 0.9.6 release, time to start again. We did some renaming, but we also continued to improve the emulator

Pcsx2 beta 720

- Improved block managers for EE/IOP recompilers. Basic asm optimizations combined with a technique of replacing NULL/invalid pointer checks with a direct link to a JIT dispatcher.
- IOP Fixes and Optimizations
- A couple of important VIF fixes
- Started some work on the pcsx2 emitter
- Usual opcodes fixes
- More recompiled opcodes added
- New EE rec "full" clamp mode, for a few picky games
- Usual code cleanups and reorganizations
- Usual speed optimizations (varies from game to game)
- Some EE interpreters fixes
- Added new, temporary gamefix for God of war and persona 3. Ifyou have missing textures with this beta, you can try that.
- Major GUI API Cleanups
- Savestate version upgrade and stability fix
- New yuv2rgb decoder which is up to IPU spec (which differs slightly from MPEG spec). Improves color hue/saturation on many vids, and is a bit faster too.
- Many other small bugfixes and optimizations

Also included, gsdx, spu2-x and lilypad as of 9th of march 2009. Don't expect huge gains, as always.

Time for a new beta

Pcsx2 beta 791

- new and improved software-emulated FPU accuracy ("Full" mode in Advanced Dialog).
- fixed the vu clip code, removed the corresponding gamefix
- new gamefix for tales of destiny
- Further work on the block manager, improves speed
- Fixed a constprop bug (grandia 2)
- minor improvements to NTFS compression and memcards support
- Improved PCR/TIMR support
- temporary hackfix for the Final Fantasy games
- MMI: Optimizations for some opcodes.
- Adjusted the backwards timing on GIF for intermediate transfers (SF:EX3)
- work on the PERF counters
- Fixed a bug that caused pcsx2 to crash when loading/saving savestates using the
"other..." menu option.
- bugfix in memcpy_fast. That bug caused memory corruption on blocks not aligned to 32-bits in length

A word of warning, this beta will break any old savestates you might have. Be sure to save your progress on memcards before using this.

As usual, report any new bug in the bug reporting forum

EDI: note, sspsx oad 1.8.0 will not be able to use savestates with this version. Use an older version or lilypad. thanks

Time for a new beta.
Also included, new plugins beta pack with gsdx, spu2-x and lilypad as of 22nd of march 2009. Don't expect huge gains, as always.

Pcsx2 beta 831
- Major overhaul of the savestate system! SHould now work better, be faster, have fewer problems, and use less hard disk space for the savestates
- The new PCR/TIMR code is now called correctly in recMFC0. This fixes Fatal Frame, maybe other recently introduced problems too
- Improved CDVD seek timing; should speed up some games that had abnormally long load times -- hopefully without breaking other games. (testing needed)
- Fixed a condition in the INTC hack that could cause it to hang in rare
- Fixed a bug in the vtlb constprop support (stores weren't using the right macro)
- More work on fpu (thanks Nneeve)
- Emitter: encode negative 8 bit immediates for some instructions and EAX forms for MOV
- Implemented more correct support for the IOP's "isc bit" (bit 16 on the COP0 status register), which in turn allowed me to simpify some of the IOP's memory access and paging logic.
- Removed unnecessary rs flushes for loads and stores
- Save a few bytes on const flushing using 5 byte eax movs for 0 and -1 instead of 10 byte immediate movs.
- Usual code cleanups and optimizations

Another new beta.

Pcsx2 beta 872
- Various fixes to MMI and more changes to opcodes to mimic ps2 behavior, thanks to Nneeve.
- Brought back a gamefix for Persona games. They still have missing geometry without it (VU clip flag problem)
- Included Nneeve's recent fixes to DIV / DIVU instructions, regarding MIPS
specific behavior in div by 0and div by -1 scenarios.
- Nneeve fixed the Tri-Ace gamefix so Gradius5 doesn't crash with it enabled
- Set Flush to Zero for FPU and VU back to on. Let's see how long it lasts this time
- Removed the FFX hack from pcsx2! It's still toggled in the GS plugins, the
correct behaviour is having it always on.
- usual code cleanups and optimizations

Also new versions of plugins.
Particularly, lilypad introduces a new, experimental multitap support and improve the savestates handling, while gsdx solves a few very old and annoying bugs (like the ones in persona...)

Be sure to check them up and report any eventual problems.

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