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PCSX2 official beta and beta plugins
Time for a new beta.

Pcsx2 beta 976
- Started major scale work on the emitter to simplify it and support the the x86 instruction set correctly. Changelog too long, read the svn commits if you want to know more.
- Added a check to to clear QWC register if the upper 16bits are set. This fixes most of the broken backgrounds in movies (This fixes Tri-ace movies and GUST games split-screen problem)
- Implemented another block lookup method.
- various vif changes and fixes, a few of them slightly experimental
- VU - fixed 1-cycle branch delays
- VU -fixed an issue with FDIV instructions whose operands are vf00
- EE - fixed recompilation of SRA and SRL when shift amount is 0
- EE - fixed conditional recompilation #defines a bit
- A few vtlb optimizations
- fixed a small ipu typo
- Usual assorted code cleanups and optimizations

Also, updated the plugins.


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After some hectic days, here comes a new beta.

Pcsx2 beta 1059

- Finished the new emitter
- New speed hack mainly targeting 3D geometry (vu cycles stealing)
- New speed hack /idle loop fast forward)
-Scaled back the EE load/store cycle count to the theoretical minimum of 1 cycle. (Fixes Digital Devil Saga PAL fmv)
-Break up very long recompiled blocks. Perform a branch test before jumping to the next block.
- Quite a few gif/vif fixes / changes
- Port 2 Multitap should be fixed
- usual code cleanups and optimizations

Known issues:
- Gran Turismo 4 has garbled menus
- Drakengard has garbled textures

Also, updated plugins pack.

New beta here. Not that much new in the /trunk these days, due to the progress of the rewrites, but well, better release a beta once in a while anyway.

Pcsx2 beta 1190

- Removed VU-Skip [helps simplify the frameskipper logic] -- Use the VU Cycle Stealer hack instead for better, faster, more stable speedups of the VU1 unit.
- Optimized vtlb direct path memory operations using some crafty asm code. Expect 2-3% speedups in most things, and perhaps more in some FMVs.
- Made new IopHwRead and IopHwWrite from scratch, in preparation for a new lookup-based IOP memory manager
- Apply Iop HwRegister handler changes to the EE's mapping
- Small speedup for the EE/IOP recompilers, by removing the legacy limit on the number of recompiled blocks
- Fix xgkick delay mistake
- Improved SSE detection:
- Some unpack fixes/changes
- Fixed a typo in the SIO2 hardware read interface
- usual code cleanups and optimizations

Also, updated plugins pack.

Ok, here comes a new beta. Since last one, work has been done mainly on the branches.
Now with this beta you can choose to use microvu by selecting the 2 additional options under the cpu panel. This is a beta! Expect breakage. And it IS slower, for now at least.

If you have microvu bugs to report, use this thread

Pcsx2 beta 1329
- Microvu added as an additional cpu option. To use it, enable both the new options in the cpu tab. Expect problems.
- Quite some work on vif, gif and path 3. Quite a few of the games that had problems with 1190 due to this should now work.
- Increased the EErec’s stack memory from 64k to 128k, since there’s no reason to be frugal there anymore
- Improved the cpu speed/ghz detection. It should be a bit more accurate, and is faster (pcsx2 startup times are near instantaneous now)
- Some emitter changes
- Some general cleanups to vtlb’s memory protection and recompiled block
integrity checking systems.
- Usual code cleanups and optimizations

Known issues:
Front mission 4 hangs
Ar tonelico 1 hangs
Many Gust games show black screen (ar tonelico 2, atelier iris 3…). To solve, press F1 when that happens (yeah, random… but hey it kinda works)

Well it's been a while, but it's time for another reason. Main reason for the wait, work has been primarly done on branches, plugins and microvu during this time

We now have a beta installer. It is highly recommended you use that, as includes the new w32pthreads.dll, it installs a new dependency and also it installs all the new plugins (too many changes to list).
Old zips are still available, but don't complain if you can't make it work.

If you have microvu bugs to report, use this thread

Pcsx2 beta 1474
- Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) now required. Use the installer, it will install it automatically.
- Many changes to VIf/Gif, resulting in more accurate emulation. Bugs fixed in many games.
- Gust games workaround implemented. The Gust games broken in 1329 now work again
- Too many microvu changes to list. Let's simply say, most bugs have been solved, and speed has improved. Test it out please if you will
- Usual cleanups and optimizations
- A lot of progress on both wxgui branch and R3000air branches. Nothing normal users can see for now though.

And, too many plugins changes to list, mostly to gsdx.

Pcsx2 beta 1736

- MicroVU is near finished, complete with RegAlloc for a nice speedup
- MicroVU now also does VU0 macro operations (COP2)
- New Iso loader that's built into the emulator
- Various code cleanups that were long overdue
- Various fixes overall
- GSdx: Changes to usability, some upscaling fixes, less crashes when handling minimizing, etc
- SPU2-X: Changes to the speaker extension (5.1 output should work better)

This will be the last official beta that uses the old GUI.

Pcsx2 beta 1888

- SuperVU does VU0 macro operations again, mVU wasn't ready yet (minor problems)
- Disabled MMX usage in some parts of the EE recompiler. This is faster and fixes some obscure bugs

This will be the last official beta that uses the old GUI. (For real this time Tongue2 )


There's a new beta plugins pack for download!

- SSSPSX pad plugin, updated to 1.7, is included again. Works with savestates now.
- GSdx now has some hacks in place, that might fix common upscale glitches.
- GSdx also has a new upscale method called Scaling. X2 scaling works best.

All the usual small tweaks and fixes are in here as well, of course Smile
Posting a plugin update pack that includes new GSdx and SPU2-X builds.

GSdx changes:
  • Better DirectX 11 detection.
  • Wrong colors in the movie record feature fixed.
  • More CRCs for automatic post process removal.
  • Stability fixes and preparation work for future PCSX2 revisions.
  • Finally fixed the remaining DirectX 11 memory leaks on emulator suspends!
SPU2-X changes:
  • More accurate emulation regarding double interrupts.
  • Fixed minor volume issues and doubled output volume.
  • Fixed a write-back issue that had caused memory corruption before.
    Now the Tales of Destiny 2 sound test has a working visual equalizer.
  • Mostly fixed voice modulation (used in Romancing Saga and FFX battles).
  • Clamp illegal pitch settings, fixing another bunch of games Smile
  • Hopefully fixed bad reverb area problems.
PCSX2 Beta r3878

  • Gui work: threading, layout and stability have been improved.
  • Some of the reported .ini writing issues should be fixed now.
  • Game database: bug fixes, more entries, compatibility hints for pcsx2.
  • Automated patching enabled now: known fixes/settings for some games can be enabled automatically.
  • Emulation fixes to microVU.
  • VIF/GIF work: Slightly faster and more compatible.
  • Much work on GIFPath ordering issues. many games with previously flickering textures should work better.
  • IPU retooled and optimized: A bit faster, a bit more compatible and much more sane (no more coroutines).
  • Removed hazardous MMX/XMMregister freeze/restore. Speedup and stability is improved.
  • Savestates are now free of memory leaks.
  • Disk swapping works on a few games now (not all yet though).
  • New "fast CDVD" speedhack. Load levels as fast as possible!
  • Console logging is now configurable to be as verbose as in developer builds.
  • Commandline support.
  • A lot of other small tweaks and additions

Main thread for this release:
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64

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