PCSX2 on 2k monitors
For those who own a 1440p monitor:

In 3D games, do higher internal rendering resolutions look noticeably better than on a 1080p monitor? If so, how significant is the increase in sharpness and crispness? Particularly on FFX and FFXII.

I'm guessing it eliminates the need for antialiasing and the art assets will "pop" more in general.

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With any monitor size, you will gain the number of pixels your monitor will show. So if you put a 1080p 20" monitor next to a 1440p 20" monitor, you will probably see a higher resolution on the 1440p monitor.
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Right, but given how dated PS2-era assets are, is the increase in image quality "worth" upgrading to a 1440p monitor if I primarily play PCSX2 games? That's what I'm trying to get to the bottom of. Basically, how much better can these old games look past 1080p?
Upgrading it to 1440P is highly recommended regardless. I went from a 1080P 144Hz panel to a 1440P 165Hz (Asus P278QR) panel and the different is amazing! I can't stand 1080P anymore as a result Tongue
Basically 3D assets will be improved 2D assets will not. To improve a 2D asset you need to actually replace it with a higher resolution version to improve it.
The polygonal structures will be more apparent on higher resolution screens and textures won't improve so there is a diminishing return in that regard. I recommend an upgrade if you've got the money. I have a 4K screen and not only do I have a better PCSX2 experience but more modern PC titles look better as well.
Aliasing will continue to be an issue with edges. Increasing the resolution above your monitors max res or using MSAA with dx11 will help.

The improvement varies by game. Titles like "The Dog Island" will see less improvement with it's more simple polygons/textures. But titles like SotC or Valkyrie Profile 2 will look very nice:

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