PCSX2 on Linux on Android?
I recently discovered that the Razer Pro tablet (which runs windows) can run PCSX2 at full speed for many, if not most games with mobile-tier hardware.

This "show of power" made me wonder whether i can simply install Linux on an android device and then run the Linux version of PCSX2 on it. And by android i mean some of the most powerful devices out there. I own a shield tablet K1 and i don't think i could achieve decent speeds on that, but what about the shield TV, which mounts a Tegra X1 chip, or other android offering with allegedly 8 core chips?

Does anyone have deeper insights about it?

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Not if the android device runs on ARM (which a vast majority do). PCSX2 only works on x86.
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I assume it's because of the recompiler, so what about interpreter mode?

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