PCSX2 on Mac via virtual machine + P4 glitches
Hey there. I'm trying to play P4 on my MacBook Pro. I'm running Windows as a virtual machine in Parallels with PCSX2 0.9.8. In most of the game, I'm getting about 40fps - but both EE and GS are below 80% (can't remember the exact number, but often there were times when both were in the 30% - 50% range). Is the low fps because I'm running it in a vm, or is it because of the hardware limitations? Anyone know if there's any way to make it faster? Most settings are default.

Also, in P4 I'm seeing some geometry glitches, like black triangles/diamonds.

Computer Specs:
2.3GHz Core i5
Intel HD Graphics 3000 384MB integrated

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The slowdown is almost certainly because of your integrated graphics, but it could also be because of running in a VM... Most VM's don't properly support full graphic functions (I could be wrong with Apple's, never run/owned a mac). I'd assume, like with most programs, you'd get better results via dual booting (bootcamp in mac) versus virtualization. That said, if it is simply a graphics problem (low % in EE and GS usually indicate that) you can try either using software mode (f9) or turning on native resolution in the graphics plugin settings.
[Image: 2748844.png]
Yeah, I'd figure the VM wouldn't be helping. Definitely look into Bootcamp.

Along with native res, have you tried DX9? I was just considring the fact that Intel GPUs are know to have troubles with DX10. Maybe those geometry issues would stop...

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