PCSX2 on Mac via virtual machine + P4 glitches
Hey there. I'm trying to play P4 on my MacBook Pro. I'm running Windows as a virtual machine in Parallels with PCSX2 0.9.8. In most of the game, I'm getting about 40fps - but both EE and GS are below 80% (can't remember the exact number, but often there were times when both were in the 30% - 50% range). Is the low fps because I'm running it in a vm, or is it because of the hardware limitations? Anyone know if there's any way to make it faster? Most settings are default.

Also, in P4 I'm seeing some geometry glitches, like black triangles/diamonds.

Computer Specs:
2.3GHz Core i5
Intel HD Graphics 3000 384MB integrated

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The slowdown is almost certainly because of your integrated graphics, but it could also be because of running in a VM... Most VM's don't properly support full graphic functions (I could be wrong with Apple's, never run/owned a mac). I'd assume, like with most programs, you'd get better results via dual booting (bootcamp in mac) versus virtualization. That said, if it is simply a graphics problem (low % in EE and GS usually indicate that) you can try either using software mode (f9) or turning on native resolution in the graphics plugin settings.
Yeah, I'd figure the VM wouldn't be helping. Definitely look into Bootcamp.

Along with native res, have you tried DX9? I was just considring the fact that Intel GPUs are know to have troubles with DX10. Maybe those geometry issues would stop...

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