PCSX2 on a notebook
Hi guys !
I've got a notebook, Acer Aspire V5-531. I'm here to ask you if my PC has got a graphic card good enough for emulating PS2 games.
The only things I know about my PC is that it has a dual-core 1.3 GHz Pentium Processorr, 4 GB of RAM and a Intel Graphic Card but I can't find anywhere more specific info about my graphic card.
I'm running Windows 8.1 at the moment. I've already tried to play Dark Cloud and it was running at 50-60 fps during videos and menus but when I'm in-game the fps gets down to 10 and the game is obviously unplayable.
Would running Windows XP help with performance ?
I'm sorry for opening a thread that might seem useless but I really need help.

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Unfortunately your cpu is far too weak to play the emulator smoothly. Sorry Sad
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