PCSX2 online support
Emulators of diffirent earlies platfroms have online playing support.
There is a game I dreamed to play with my friend online - Resident Evil Outbreak series. I know it uses very difficult online connection mechanics, but I'll still ask:
Is it theoretically even possible to somehow play online this game using emulator?

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PCSX2 has been able to use the PS2's native online capabilities for years now. If Resident Evil Outbreak supported online play, it *should* work.
And this is where complicites begin?
(12-29-2011, 12:14 AM)TrueLolzor Wrote: And this is where complicites begin?

Yup ;p

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As far as I know, REOhmyutbreak is using(or should I say "used"?) dedicated servers which players must connect to in order to play. So one can't be a host and stuff.
RE Outbreak servers are offline now so there is no way to play it online currently. You can youtube to find some people working on unofficial server support.
Afaik japanese servers still intact. Is there is really people working on unofficial server support?

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