PCSX2 or PC?
hey guys i have a weird question about the PCSX2 Emulation speeds.. i was looking up on "post your vids/screenshots here" thread and i saw some of them were Playable while others are NOT or Ingame. then looking up at different PC specs of the uploader/poster seems like most of them RUNS the game at a dual core, yet it maintains a 60fps rate. some users of the PCSX2 can't run any game like MGS3 no matter what spec.. so which one is it that has the problem? the PC specs or the Emulator itself? i know that the emu is not that perfect but if improving the PC to perfection to fit for the emulator then it's good.

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what post#?? in

keep in mind those ppl trying to abuse the speedhacks and they post their vids/screenshot they realize it's a 60fps but there making a GREAT mistake.
the mis-use of the speedhacks can lead to fake FPS reading.
neither the emulator nor PC nor human's config's fault.
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"some users of the PCSX2 can't run any game like MGS3 no matter what spec.. '

^ Not sure what you mean by that. My laptop can run MGS3.

These days you don't need amazing hardware to play games at full speed.
what i mean was i saw some posts not sure which one i reached page 20 and some said that GT4/MGS3 or other games seemed to work and not work, most of the specs that i saw were dual core, some of them in the dual core worked but some not, Sad i was happy to hear that you really don't need amazing hardware for that XD but earlier versions of the Emu, i wasn't able to run my MGS3, but FFXII was playable but VERY VERY slow... EARLIER version of PCSX2 that is Laugh

speedhacks isn't required when running in a full 60fps speed right? however i was trying to turn it on ing KH2 but i don't seem to feel any difference, i can only feel the frame limiting when turned of... i experience some weird frame dips during my game play, i can understand that in some places where there are crowded people it would lag but it also causes some lag whenever Sora defeats a boss or finishes a mission Sad
Some games are heavier on PCSX2 which also means they are heavier on the PC as well take for instance Final Fantasy X-2 its cutscenes are one of the most demanding things for PCSX2. while the rest of the game will run just fine on weaker hardware. MGS3 is also a known heavy hitter. Also since you stated you were starting from the beggining of that thread I am not suprise you ran into most people using dual cores since that thread is several years old by this point and time and all that was advabile back then at a decent price point where dualcore systems. More games are playable now a days on a slighter weaker system thanks to the MTVU hack that has recently been implemented into PCSX2 and allows even dualcore systems to run better but some games cant be started with the hack enabled.
oh i see, yes i started at the beginning XD but fascinating since it really does run finely at about 60fps at most games even shadow of the colossus but i can't believe that MGS3 is one of the demanding game in PCSX2, thanks for the reply i was just wondering that even if i upgraded my rig to a quadcore the game would run like a slug due to emulation failures but luckily i think most of em will run even better with greater rigs.. thanks Smile
I know that the games can well well on intel's I5 2500k Sandy bridge processor when you overclock the cpu bit. and its a quad core and on top of that the new AMD cpus are pretty much worthless for PCSX2 and emulation in general. You can take a look at the benchmarking thread here http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-CPU-Bench...d-on-FFX-2 to see what I am, talking about.
Too call AMD useless is a bit harsh imo. Intel is better also cause their instructionset, but to call AMD useless for PCSX2 is not really true, I can play most games on 50 or 60 fps (Depends if they're NTSC or PAL) and I'm using an AMD Smile
He's talking about Faildozer which is indeed pretty much worthless for pcsx2.
hmm also depends which games u play, a friend of mine got a Bulldozer FX8120 and with him most games run quite decent on his pc Smile

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