PCSX2 patches affect ISO or save files?
This is more out of curiosity than anything.

Currently happily playing through SotC for the first time, and I found some hacks that changed the visuals a bit to my liking. Specifically downloaded Maori-Jigglypuff's patch and it loaded up fine. 

I've been toying around with the patches, enabling/disabling some to find the right look I want. As I've been doing it, I noticed it had unlocked Hard Mode and Time Attack mode. When I remove those lines of code from the .pnach file, it doesn't disable those settings like the rest...it seems once Hard Mode is enabled once, whether or not the cheats are turned off altogether or have that line of code removed, Hard Mode stays. Is this because it does something at the ISO level or is it tied to the save file?

Again, just curious more than anything. Any insight is appreciated.

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definitely tied to the save file.
your iso is "read only" for the emu
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(02-05-2021, 10:53 AM)jesalvein Wrote: definitely tied to the save file.
your iso is "read only" for the emu

Interesting. Not a big deal, since I'll beat the game soon and will have "unlocked" them anyway, just feels funny seeing both modes unlocked early. Ah well.

I figured it wouldn't have anything to do with the ISO, because it would be weird for the cheats to change the ISO file. But thanks for clarifying!

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