PCSX2 problems.. new to this
Hey i got a problem i just downloaded this PS2 emulator and shadow of the colossus for the PS2, I then started the emulator and toald where the ISO was but it kept saying "Error loading C:\Users\DaniVegaz\Downloads\colossus\shadow-of-the-colossus.iso" after i kliked ok it sayd error loading CDVD plugin. so that didnt work...

Then i burned it to a DVD-R and... well the emulator found it but when i started it the PS2 thingy toald me pleas to inseart a PS1 or PS2 game... so how do i get past that or fix the first problem?



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Quote:Then i burned it to a DVD-R

lemme guess... You didn't read the forum rules, did you ?
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