PCSX2 r3878 black screen problem
plsss help cant fix it... i already change plugins iso loader plugins and everything but nothing happens still the same... playing naruto ultimate ninja 5... if using dx10 the emu crash... if using dx 9 the game loads but black screen and also the sounds if i use SPU 2X an error msg appear...

laptop specs
Intel Core i3 2.27ghz 4 cores
4gb RAM
windows 7 OS
ATI mobility Radeon HD 5145

ima gonna put some pics here later coz dont have the laptop....


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Try updating your DirectX with the June redistributable:
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
ok ima gonna try that later.... Smile
Also try to remove all versions of microsoft visual c++ you got installed,and then install pcsx2 version with c++ and directx that came with installation. Few days ago i installed some game that came with some version of c++, and later i noticed it collide with pcsx2 that before worked perfectly. That's happend with Fatal Frame 2, cannot pass menus,sound glitch,etc, and i used all new plugins that came with beta,now all work like it was before.
I hope this will fix some others problems too.

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