PCSX2 refuses to run any games
I recently got a new computer. Now, the first thing I did, was download PCSX2 so I could play Garouden: Breakblow Fist or Twist and K1 Premium Dynamite 2004!!.

Problem is, whenever I try to run them, all that happens is the animation when you turn your PS2 on (usually with a slow frame rate), I hear the sound of a company credit but I only see a distorted bunch of lines.

My configuration seems to be the problem, so I then thought my computer's graphics card must not be as good as I thought. But, then, I downloaded Fallout: New Vegas, and I'm playing that on the highest possible graphics setting! It runs smoother than on my Xbox.

I really want to play these games, as I don't have the money or time to mod my actual PS2. Any help is appreciated, thank you!

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First off, never use regular PC games as a benchmark for how well you can run PCSX2. Although the PS2's hardware is obviously inferior to your PC's, the process that PCSX2 goes through to properly emulate the PS2 is very resource intensive.

Could we please see your system specs?
[Image: GuX8E.png]
1.4 Ghz ?
Ouch... You won't go far with this.

better keep playing it on your PS2, it'll be better.
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Figured as much, I may as well mod mine. Thanks for the help, though.

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