PCSX2 remembers setting changed by hotkeys
I didn't try all of the hotkeys but is this normal.

Pressing F6 and restarting pcsx2,when you start it again,the Aspect Ratio mode is the last you switch to with the hotkey

Pressing F4 to disable the speed limit,the next time you start pcsx2,it will start with speed limit disabled

I'm using pcsx2-r5128 but it's the same on the newest rev.

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This is intentional as PCSX2 always behaved that way and we didn't want to change it.
If it's intentional,then ok
Note that TAB for example (the turbo key) doesn't stick.
Neither do any of the GSdx hotkeys.
On the topic of hotkeys is there a complete list anywhere? I only recently found out that PgUp did something
Dunno if any exist outside of the source, but I listed a bunch of PCSX2 gui and GSdx:
F1         "States_FreezeCurrentSlot"
F3         "States_DefrostCurrentSlot"
F3 +Shift     "States_DefrostCurrentSlotBackup"
F2         "States_CycleSlotForward"
F2 +Shift                 "States_CycleSlotBackward"

F4         "Framelimiter_MasterToggle"
F4 +Shift     "Frameskip_Toggle"
TAB         "Framelimiter_TurboToggle"
TAB +Shift     "Framelimiter_SlomoToggle"
F5        -interlace mode
F6         "GSwindow_CycleAspectRatio"
F7        -shader cycle
DELETE        -maa1 on/off(for software?)
INSERT        -mipmapping on/off(for software?)
PgUP        -FXAA

NUMPAD_ADD +Cmd         "GSwindow_ZoomIn"     //CTRL on Windows/linux, CMD on OSX
NUMPAD_SUBTRACT +Cmd        "GSwindow_ZoomOut"
NUMPAD_MULTIPLY +Cmd        "GSwindow_ZoomToggle"

NUMPAD_ADD +Cmd+Alt         "GSwindow_ZoomInY"     //CTRL on Windows/linux, CMD on OSX
NUMPAD_SUBTRACT +Cmd+Alt    "GSwindow_ZoomOutY"
NUMPAD_MULTIPLY +Cmd+Alt    "GSwindow_ZoomResetY"

UP +Cmd+Alt    "GSwindow_OffsetYminus"
DOWN +Cmd+Alt    "GSwindow_OffsetYplus"
LEFT +Cmd+Alt    "GSwindow_OffsetXminus"
RIGHT +Cmd+Alt    "GSwindow_OffsetXplus"
NUMPAD_DIVIDE +Cmd+Alt    "GSwindow_OffsetReset"

ESCAPE         "Sys_Suspend"
F8         "Sys_TakeSnapshot"
F8 +Shift     "Sys_TakeSnapshot"(1s dump)
F8 +Shift+Cmd    "Sys_TakeSnapshot"(dump on hold)
F9         "Sys_RenderswitchToggle"(software/hardware)

F10         "Sys_LoggingToggle"
F11         "Sys_FreezeGS"
F12         "Sys_RecordingToggle"
CMD is Ctrl as stated in the comment. There are possible keys for other plugins than GSdx, but I was lazy to check.
Edit: I guess that the list doesn't just fly around couse most of those keys aren't really needed to know to simply play games and would just confuse "newbies".

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