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PCSX2 running off USB
hello i just wanted to know if it possible to install and run PCSX2 on a usb so i can use it anywhere

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Yes u can do that.
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create a blank portable.ini file in pcsx2 directory and there you go
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If its not to much trouble can make some instructions for me please on how to do it id appreciate it
Just download any of the latest SVN builds and you are ready.
Alright just downland it so i just put it in on my usb and it will work?
Correct, after you copy your BIOS in to the BIOS directory that is Smile
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Then run the program, set everything up, and your good to go. Don't forget, It's against the law to find a BIOS off the internet, your going to have to get that yourself.
Alright it worked thanks allot for all your guys help to be honest dint think id get help this quick so once again thanks

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