PCSX2 source code development switches to Git
Hey everyone,

We just moved the PCSX2 version control system from SVN over to GIT.
The new official source code repository is hosted on GitHub.
You can find the source code here.
And the new issue tracker here.

The automatic builds are not working yet with git. Please be patient, they should be back soon.

Git is more contributor friendly than SVN. The process of sending patches to a team member for eventual review has been streamlined.
Now people can just fork the master repository, add their changes and open a pull request if they think it's good. The devs can then merge the request and the code is live.

This change is a pretty big operation, so please excuse (and report) any issues you find while we're transferring Wink

Keep in mind the build bot will take some time to update to the new source code repository, whenever Orphis can get around to it so until then, be patient!
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Such a great news..,.
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Interesting. And when I just finally got around to learning to pull with SVN too. A conspiracy I say! Tongue

Nah, really anything that makes the process more streamlined is a good thing.
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Perfect Smile
Was wondering when this was going to happen, since I saw commits on github but not the svn. Lets hope pull requests won't be rare.
yes finally ^^
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Yay! Now it will be easier to suggest changes and stuff.
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Have to go with the times, people are all using Git nowadays Tongue2
So does this mean that if I were to create a GitHub account and fork PCSX2 it would be fine to simply update my translation in my fork and then make a pull request in instead of post it in the forum thread? Or it would be too overkill?
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That is exactly what Git is good for, yes Smile

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