PCSX2 stopped my CrossOver Games from working
I recently tried to get this emulator to work, but failed, but now my CrossOver Games is no longer working, why could this be?
I thought it might be some BIOS' colliding together or something, the PS2 bios stopping the PC emulator or something, but I tried to delete all the files but that didn't help, however I am not totally sure all the files are deleted.
My question is, where are all of the files kept?
That's both xquartz and the CG framework, as well as the PCSX2 files..

Thanks in advance, and for the record I did try reinstalling CrossOver Games but that didn't help

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the same thing happened to me. it's obviously something in the X11 package, but how can it be repaired?


anyone else having this problem? and/or found a solution? and/or knows how i can uninstall pscx2 to attempt to get my machine back to normal?

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