PCSX2 streamed to Android
Hi all,

I have a new Archos Gamepad and stream PCSX2 to it from my Windows PC using software called Splashtop. It works brilliantly.

I've been doing this for months using my XBOX controller (I play in bed, still in range of the living room PC) and a Nexus 7.

Now that I finally have the Archos Gamepad I'm starting to think of ways to send the key presses/analogs to PCSX2. I notice the DPAD button presses work already but the others don't.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

In case anyone isn't aware, here's the Archos Gamepad:

[Image: ARCHOS-GamePad.jpg]

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any news?
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I've tried this on an iPad (4th generation) using the second generation Splashtop client. I was surprised that I could play PS2 games remotely, and by remotely I mean the next room because you have to pay to use it on a remote network.

Why did you by this Archos Gamepad when you have a Nexus 7 and a gamepad? Is it as awful as some of the reviews say it is? Looks like a cool idea. But gosh no one I've read who's used one recommends it.

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