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PCSX2 supporting more cores?
Now I know you guys explained this earlier. The PS2 has a lot of different parts that you have to emulate, and then when you try syncing them together, even more issues come. These issues get even worse when you try to support more cores. So you guys said that PCSX2 will probbly not support more than 2 cores, and a fast Dual core processor was recommended for the game.

But, in another post that was made a few weeks ago, I think that rama hinted a little towards PCSX2 supporting more threads in the future, maybe even near future. Here is the post.

To me this is really exciting news, but I don't want to get my hopes up.

So I have 2 questions

1. Is this true? Will PCSX2 be threaded more in the future?
2. If it is true, what changed? Did you guys just get better at programming? Or is some new discovery in the emulator going to allow you guys to thread the emulator more?

If this is true I'l be so happy. This is the waviest news of the in the emulator so far. Ooowww!!!

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who knows? only the developers can say, however the only thing we can do is wait for that (I waited somewhat of 3 years to be able to properly play the games on the pc Xp)
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1. possibly, but nothing is set in stone yet, we havent said one way or another, altho for the moment its "not yet no"
2. What will have changed if and when we do it, the emulator will be in a state where we can feel comfortable threading bits off and we know it will make a difference. Also Quad Core processors arent quite popular enough yet, most of the team still dont have one, so it would potentially be a waste of time for the majority. Till we are in that position where we are happy, nothing will be done.
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The only extra threading that has been talked about is possibly making microVU into its own thread. The conditions laid out for this being possible were

1) microVU needs to actually be better than the current superVU
2) it has to actually benefit from being threaded

From the brief tidbits that were talked about, if either one of those conditions doesn't pan out, there will be no need to thread anything else because there will be only extremely minor benefits. Automatically threading something doesn't guarantee a speed increase as syncing threads can get to be a total pain in the ass, and cuts into stability.
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@ KrazyTrumpeter05
I read in one thread that microVU is better as long as it's implemented correctly. Apparently it's a bunch harder to code and can produce many troubling problems. I think the degree of difficulty and probability of problems outweighed the benefit of better performance.
If what I said just now is true and not something I accidentally made up, then it pretty much comes down to if the coders think they can do it, or even if they have enough time to do it, because I think it needs pretty much a whole new coding of the emu.
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Well, from some of the posts from one or two of the devs (may have been rama and/or air) they weren't sure that it would end up being beneficial and all these recent SVNs have been attempts to test out its viability. The consensus was that in theory it should be better, but they wanted to test it.
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the microVU is only a Test material ....
but it has some help for 4cores CPU....
let's hope PCSX2 better an better...........
That's pretty good news.
If PCSX2 supports more cores my emulater might actually hit above 5 FPS in game! Smile
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(06-20-2009, 04:59 PM)Ad-man Wrote: If PCSX2 supports more cores my emulater might actually hit above 5 FPS in game! Smile
That is definitelly not a cores used issue...
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