PCSX2 svn rev 1024
I am searchin for PCSX2 SVN rev 1024. I searched google an everything but i cant find this revision. Can anybody help me???

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Any Why do you want that. Wacko

PCSX2 r1024
Download all the Previous Updates Before r1024 and compile it.

Well why do you want that. The newer SVN's are pretty better and faster. PCSX2 SVN
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Hello thanks:-)
I cant download it:-( i wanna try evil dead a fistful of boomstick with this revision.
To download it you need a subversion client such as TortoiseSVN. Don't ask me how because I do not use it. After you manage to download the source code, you should follow the PCSX compilation guide.

If I were you I'd rather not mess with those stuff for an ancient version of PCSX2. It's not worth trying, unless you already have experience.
You won't get any support for it anyways so you could try searching the site emurc by using google site search for pcsx2 r1024.

But just as info...if you saw some really old video\images of those games in which the author is using that version of pcsx2,doesn't mean that those games will work only on that version.Did you try the newest beta first?
Hello .
Yes i tried every beta and the newest revision nothing helps.

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