PCSX2 textures paths and AutoCrispy
Hello! I've been using AutoCrispy for realtime texture upscaling using the texture dump feature of PCSX2, and the way PCSX2 currently creates the folders doesn't allow AutoCrispy to work automatically for all games: everytime you run a new game, you need to configure paths manually in AutoCrispy again.

So, I'd like to request a change (or at least a manual configuration) in the way PCSX2 creates the folder structure for the external textures: instead of creating folders like "..\textures\XXXX-NNNNN\dumps\" and "..\textures\XXXX-NNNNN\replacements\", make it like "..\textures\dumps\XXXX-NNNNN\" and "..\textures\replacements\XXXX-NNNNN\". That way, AutoCrispy will be able to detect all games inside "\textures\dumps" automatically, and will upscale everything to the corresponding "\textures\replacements" folders.

Thanks in advance.

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