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PCSX2 - uLaunchELF - & porting saves
Quick question as i haven't followed PCSX2 in a long while, did anyone ever figure out how to get uLaunchELF to point to a flash drive in PCSX2? Would be handy for porting game saves back and forth between PCSX2 and a PS2+^_^+ reason i ask is i had cause to play my PS2 for a while, and now i want those saves in PCSX2 +^_^+
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I don't think they have USB drives working in Pcsx2, however you can transfer your saves to and from a PS2 with mymc, here is a good guide that should get you started
thx for the help, however neither mymc or PS2 save builder will "see" the imported saves, each save was dumped from the console into a folder containing 3 files, a icon.sys, a "gamename".ico, and one lacking an extension called BASLUS-12345"gamename"01, is there a workaround for this? +^_^+
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I dont know if its any help as i haven't tried it, but you could try this
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Thx, i got it figured out now +^_^+ still, that virtual usb mass storage thing looks a lot easier if i can figure out how to create my own .img files that work with PCSX2 and uLaunchELF +^_^+ so far only the .img one provided on the github site will work and i have no idea how to import data into a .img without extracting and rebuilding it.
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