PCSX2 upgrading
I forgot how to upgrade properly.  Do I zip everything in the program folder then just replace all files with 1.5?
PCSX 1.6.0

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1.5 is beta version which work as portable
1.4 is an official version and it comes as installer

Both are old
The latest official version is 1.6 and the beta is 1.7
It depends what you used until now but there is one thing that's true no matter what you used before
Save states are not going to work on newer version so you have to save your progress to the memory card
Then you can just copy the memory card to the new pcsx2 and it will work
The 1.6 installer seems to hang... it says "copy to ...users/owner/pcsx2_backup" in the jnstaller
PCSX 1.6.0
For me i download the new portable pcsx2 file and extract to a folder >copy cheat and memcard
folders from the olg pcsx2 version and paste it into the new pcsx2 folder > double click the new pcsx2.exe
to run setup for the first time. Done.
(04-14-2021, 09:31 PM)Kracov Wrote: The 1.6 installer seems to hang... it says "copy to ...users/owner/pcsx2_backup" in the jnstaller

That prompt is normal, your old files are copied to that directory, the old version is removed and replaced with the new version of PCSX2. Are you saying it gets stuck somewhere else?
installing in a independent folder(new folder) should be the answer.
and redirect/relocate the bios,cheats and memcard folder instead.
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I did all these suggestions but now 1.7.0 crashes when I try to run a game. The log just ends where thevcrash happened. Do i uninstall, remove all folders and then install 1.4 stable?
PCSX 1.6.0

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