PCSX2 using only 30%-40% CPU usage?
Hiya. I had read somewhere that PCSX2 uses 2 cores. However, I had noticed that when my CPU usage for PCSX2 caps, the program is only apparently using around 33% (when capped, it will jump to as high as 40%, but that seems to be a short spike) of my CPU usage.

Is there any way I could utilize the remaining power of that core?


Intel Pentium III Xeon Processor (Quad Core clocked @ 2.33Ghz per core)
RAM: 3326 MB (4GB)
Video Card: Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 5770

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it's your CPU better change it to Core-i series now

that CPU is very old and old archetecture as well.
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Please be more specific about the problem, what are you reading? an external monitor showing the actual per core load? EE? GS?
What mean you by capped?

Basing on the specs it is almost certain you mean the GS and that's because the video card is doing most part of the service and that's is aggravated because EE may be saturated and not streaming enough data to keep it busy.

At the moment the load division is only over one core to GS and another core to everything else. There is no way to promote a better load balance, if it was possible it would be possible to do it for all available cores.

The only thing that can help is trying to relieve the load on the core responsible for EE and that is only possible ATM using speed hacks or increasing the core's raw performance (like overclocking).
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I pray every day for a xenosaga-compatible version with core2duo series......
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PCSX2 EE percentage is better than windows reading... it is more accurate too, windows will read the usage in all four cores, but PCSX2 will read the usage on the 2 used cores of your cpu.

your processor name is a little weird.... a Pentium III Xeon QuadCore clocked at 2.33 GHz??
Pentium III is a very old cpu, I did a google search and I didn't find any processor with these specs....
Did you mean Intel® Xeon® Processor E5410 (12M Cache, 2.33 GHz, 1333 MHz FSB) ??
It depends on the game.Your quad core cpu will maximum reach 50 %. Because only 2 cores are being used.1 core has maximum usage and other little lower usage. You can't do anything about it. Just use speedhacks if your game is slow.
Short answer: No.

Longer answer: Since you have a 2.3ghz processor which is much to slow for most games, what happens is that the CPU core that takes care of emulating the largest chunk of the PS2 is reaching max, while the second core mostly sits there because it has nothing to do while it waits for core 1 to finish.

The only way to use more of your system would be a major rewrite of the emulator to make it use more cores, but the devs have no immediate intention of doing so since it would be a lot of work and would be harder to get accurate timings on.
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Actually, it's the EE that is being capped, not the GS. And I am reading the task manager to find the CPU usage.
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Now I understand what you meant by capped (sorry, English is not my native language), I thought the word meant being artificially kept bellow max capacity, like capping the FPS at 60 to avoid the game's fast pace (now I know it mean top, summit; artificial or otherwise). Yes, EE is the one toppling (saturating), it was to be expected from the specs, what I said before still holds.

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