PCSX2 v1.5.0 KIngdom Hearts 2 Final Mix Settings For a 10 year old Sony Vaio?
Hey guys. I really need some help here.
I tried out a lot of configurations and I know for a fact, that it once worked smootlhly, or at least way better ...but somehow my FPS drop down to like 30 (speed around 65%)every time I basically get into the game. I assume it's because of the processor or the RAM.

CPU:Intel Core i3-2310M 2.10 ghz
GPU; NVIDIA Geforce 410M, 512mb (probably there is a huge problem witrh that as well)

I have an SSD, but I that doesn't make a difference I guess.

The sound is also extremely laggy.

My PCSX2 Settings are basically default.

Can anyone help?

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Man, that CPU and GPU is beyond help.
For the CPU, it only has a Single Thread Rating (STR) of 944 which far, far cry from the recommended (1600 minimum, 2000 or more is what you really wanted to run it smooth, well mostly)
And that GPU is really old too. You need an upgrade basically. Or keep playing it on your PS2 for time being.
[Image: cGzK8nC.gif]
Thank you anyways. At least I know now.
A friend of mine had the same problem. Only thing that helps is an upgrade..

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