PCSX2 vr4999 Win X86 Issue
Hello, I seem to have found a mysterious Issue, in
Arc the Lad Twilight of the Spirits (U), it is shown in two compressed Bitmaps, one for hardware and the other software,
the HWMode Pic is first, [attachment=30609],
Then the SWMode one, [attachment=30610],
Both Pics, were taken with GSDX Dx9 vr4999,
Any ideas, Driver Issue, Plugin Issue, or simply Core Issue, It doesn't happen in other games, if that helps.

Oh and it's the Hardware Mode Pic the shows the Problem.

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It's just the known blending issue with GSdx hw.
You can play the game using ZeroGS or ZZogl.
Ok, But what files/directories are required for zzogl, I ask because zzogl, stubbornly won't load for me.
Oh, and another thing, I humbly wish gabest Luck, in dealing with the Blending Issue... as it looks tough.
I've had it hacked out once but lost the code. It was some problem with the texture cache I believe..

For ZZogl you'll have to search the forum a bit, as I really can't tell what dlls you need.

Okay, I didn't loose the hack. Try this build with your game.
I need to warn you though that it could be broken and eventually cause problems with the texture cache..

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