PCSX2 vs Playground

I am new to PS2 emulation, and I am hoping to get a relatively obscure game working (Culdcept). I have a few questions:

1) Which is better to try first to see if it works - PCSX2 or PCSX2 Playground? Should I be using the release or the beta builds?
2) Has anyone ever managed to get Culdcept to work in an emulator? Did you have to do anything outside of using the default options and plugins?

I also posted something similar in the PCSX2 forum - if that's considered crossposting I'll happily delete it, I just wasn't sure if these were two entirely separate communities or not.


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This is the official PCSX2 forum,but that doesn't mean you can't post in any other PCSX2 forum as well Tongue

I guess it would be better to start off with the 0.9.4 release.If it doesn't work there,or you have issues you can give Playground a try.Plus,if you get low speeds,you can try the speedhacks in playground.
I deleted your other thread,since it's more or less the same subject.
Oh and welcome Wink
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culdcept works flawlessly on any version of pcsx2.

And you're better off with using playground + speedhacks with it

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