PCSX2 will not save graphic config changes
I am currently using v1.7.2246-2.  I transferred the emulator folder from a desktop pc to a weaker laptop pc.  I went into the graphic config settings and changed the Internal Resolution setting from 6x to 3x, then closed the window, then went back in.  It remains stuck on 6x and won't keep the changes. The same thing happened when I tried to change the graphics renderer from OpenGL to Vulkan or DX11.  It always reverts back to OpenGL as soon as I close the graphic settings dialog box.  
I checked to make sure the emu folder wasn't read-only and even went through the redundant step of "unchecking" the box so any subfolders and files that might be read-only would be changed.  But if it had been read-only, the quick save feature wouldn't be working but it is in fact working.  Everything looks and runs great and 4k (6x native) looks fantastic on a 17" laptop screen. It's just more than my laptop can handle so it's running a bit slow.  

Anyone who might have a solution, your help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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Where did you move pcsx2 to on the laptop
v1.7 is a beta version and it can run from anywhere but if you place it in some folder which requires admin permissions to write to(like Program Files),you will not be able to save your settings

There is no point in keeping pcsx2 in Program Files but if you want to keep it there,run it as admin

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