PCSX2 with nouveau driver - does it work?
Hi there,

What is the status of nouveau (open source nvidia driver) support in PCSX2?

I would like to try it, with Gallium3D support of course, but seems to be failing in svn revision 5063. However, I can't tell if it is due to a bug in pcsx2 or because nouveau.

Thanks in advance

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lol. I would say that it will work with GSdx sdl SW. I think use mostly basic 2D operation on the GPU. You can forget zzogl and GSdx ogl. It is my status with the open radeon drivers that support more features that nouveau. I have done the test on MESA 7.11. Future 8.0 will be nearly opengl 3.0 compatible but I don't know if they implement vendor extensions. Anyway for an HW render, open source driver will be too slow anyway.
You are correct. Initially it failed, but now it works - only with GSdx sdl SW. I'm using mesa 7.11 as well.
hey, am using nouveau as well and for some reason the gs plugin/ other than null wont appear as an option, so i cant get it to work any advice
1/ You need to get latest source of GSdx (build yourself)
2/ You need to install the good libglew library. Just do "ldd one_gs_plugin.so | grep GLEW" to find the correct glew version.

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