PCSX2 won't save configs
Basically, my problem is this. No matter what I have as my config, it goes back to default everytime i restart pcsx2. This is a pain in the ass, as i have to rechange the graphics plug in and get the bios again.
That would only be slightly annoying if I could actually play games. Whenever I change the keyboard configuration using either lilypad or SSXPSX pad, i can map the controller buttons to my keyboard.. and click apply... but as soon as i close the window it goes back to default (i.e. nothing mapped)
Basically it means i can never actually control anything. Same thing with memory cards, if i uncheck the memory card 1 and 2 boxes and then closes the window, when i open it again they are back to default! nothing I do is being saved! Plz help!
btw... this is general discussion and help right? Hope im in right forum

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Run as admin or move the Pcsx2 folder to documents.

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